Real Time System Architects who can build a custom integrated system to your specs - over twenty five years of systems integration experience.

Systems with high speed data recording at 160Gbps that capture network traffic at 10Gig Ethernet with no load on the host CPU. Can record at high speed on standard C60/C90 cassette tapes or with your VCR

Electronic Solutions since John Conelius

Reminiscing about the RSG-8903 GPIB -> Ethernet Protocol Converter?

Pictures coming soon - check back later!

Upcoming Events:

Real Time Show in Greenbelt, MD

Meeting at AAI to view melted resistors on PC/104 board thru microscope

Sales Conference at the Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham, Massachusetts

RC Circuit Training (your dad will tell you that you can use an resistor and a capacitor in an R/C Circuit to accomplish your goal)

Systran dinner at Olive Grove

Serial over Ethernet seminar in data center

Tech Tip of the Day

  1. Make sure that your companies phone wiring system is not accessible from outside of your office space,
    like in a storage closet type area that other people have access to, or you'll see strange calls on your phone bill

  2. Be careful measuring the length of an IDE cable with a yardstick to determine issues with noise between EBX board and Flash drive

  3. Static wrist straps are no longer necessary; you can run your hands all over the exposed boards and nothing will happen, it all has protection

Misc Ramblings

Driving a Chevy Lumina? Let us know your experience!

Hovering around a fax machine waiting for orders to come in so that you can claim they are yours is bad form

Make sure you know the difference between a disti and a rep firm (do not walk around in a shirt and tie at a rep firm)

Data sheets are all online now, no need to go in to customer site with shopping cart throwing lit everywhere